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Have you ever built a microservice?  Used Kubernetes to deploy an application?  Are you familiar with the technologies needed to create an automated CI/CD pipeline?  Can you implement governance and control policies over shared cloud infrastructure?

 In today’s digital economy, the demand for cloud native expertise is soaring, and qualified practitioners are hard to find. That spells opportunity for you.

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The SUSE and Rancher Community can help you develop the practical skills and knowledge you need to deliver cloud native applications confidently.  We recognize that the subject area is large, complex, and rapidly evolving, and that searching the internet for useful information can be more confusing and frustrating than helpful. Our global, diverse community of aspiring and accomplished cloud native practitioners - including application developers and testers, release and devops engineers, application and infrastructure operators – is eager to learn, but doesn’t have time to waste. 

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You too can find a welcoming home here.  Ours is an accommodating and supportive environment that is driven by mutual respect and a strong desire to learn. We foster instruction tailored to different learning styles and goals, with assistance from peer learners and mentors, and hands-on practice and experimentation.  Together, we help each other cut through complexity to quickly identify the topics that matter most and learning approaches that work best.

Members just like you are already updating current skills, getting help with current cloud native projects, and preparing themselves for exciting new careers.  Our door is always open – won’t you join us?

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